Sunday, 26 February 2017

1 MONTH without social media CHALLENGE follow up!

Hello everyone! Long time no talk,
 So I am back and here's what I have to say about my month without social media.

First things first, it was harder than I expected as I often found myself on facebook and did not even remember opening it because it was just so routine. I didnt even realize how often I browse social media without thinking about it.

Secondly, I noticed I felt like anexious but also started using my free time better, I did more reading and research on topics that interest me instead of just mindlessly scrolling on Instagram.

Thirdly, I bought less stuff. This one might sound weird but with advertising constantly being pushed down our throats about new products and merchandise we "NEED" from different brands, I often find myself falling victim to the hype and interest around these promoted items. I notice this especially with Instagram as so many social media stars are getting paid to promote products to their followers that they probably don't even use.

Over all I would say the month wasn't that difficult only the beginning did I find myself using face book by mistake. I encourage everyone to try to not use social media for a month because because it was really nothing but a positive experience. I felt a little bit more in touch with myself and think I will continue o limit my social media use just not as strict as the one MONTH challenge.

So please CHALLENGE YOURself and stay away from social media and let me know how it makes you feel and if it was really a challenge for you.

Thanks for the read xx
Until next time

Thursday, 5 January 2017

1 MONTH Without Social Media Challenge!

The Burden of Social Media

Over the past few months I have been thinking a lot about how to deal with social media and live in a world that is so consumed by it without falling into that.

I have learned that social media is everywhere and as an emerging professional you must embrace it to a certain degree in order to help with growth and success. In saying that it is very easy to get sucked into a state where you are spending so much precious time on your phone scrolling through different forums and its a tough habit to break away from.

I found myself scrolling through Instagram and constantly feeling as though I wasn't enough. I would see girls who were so perfect and went all on these amazing vacations, with fancy clothes and life styles and compare myself to that unrealistic ideal of happiness. When you only capture your life in photos you can choose which pieces you wish to share with the world and that often becomes only the best, most exciting and perfect parts.

I got thinking about this and the effects it has on me more and more and decided to take a challenge of a month without social media. Starting today I will only use my phone to contact friends and my parents and will limit that also to involve more face to face time. I have deleted all my social media applications and in doing so hope to spend more time bettering myself and finding things I love to do. I want to try yoga, take up painting again, and spend more time talking to my family. I will document this experiment on my blog when the month is over as sort of a self reflection and see how it has changed my mood or outlook and use of time.

I challenged anyone reading this to cleanse themselves of social media for a month and lift and sort of expectations or definitions of what or how you should be living. If you don't feel like partying is your idea of fun or meaningful time you shouldn't feel the need to because thats all your friends post about on Facebook or snapchat. Find your little piece of happiness and Zen and maybe it will take me a few years before I achieve that, but a month without social media doesn't seem like too bad of a start.

Take my challenge and enjoy a life that you shape for yourself.
Happy 2017!